3D pen: a quick guide to use

3D pens allow us to materialize all our ideas. But it must be said that what attracts the most about them is their incredible simplicity of use .

A little like the stylus of a graphics tablet, the 3D pen can be handled in the manner of a felt, the only difference being that it does not need to be in contact with a particular material to leave free course to your imagination. But let's see what is the mode of operation of a 3D pen.


A 3D pen, how does it work?

Very easy to use, 3D pens are based on the same principle as 3D printers . Indeed, pressing a print button, the tip of the device releases a more or less fine layer of plastic. The latter cools and hardens almost instantaneously.

The latest models of 3D pens do not need to be connected to a computer or software to function. In general, it is sufficient that they are connected to an outlet although more and more 3D pens are equipped with a battery with a very interesting autonomy.


3D pens: novelties every year

Every year, 3D pens gain versatility and flexibility. For example, the latest 3D pen models allow you to control the output speed of the plastic filament. The most expensive 3D pens are usually 75% thinner than their elders. Some are two times lighter while others enjoy an ever more optimized design.

There is really something for everyone. Finally, note that the accessories accompanying the 3D pen also play a very important role . Nozzle kits, mobile batteries, it is possible to equip accordingly to make drawings in 3D more careful or increase the autonomy of his device. More Info at Ratingy
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